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Styles Of Wire Shelving And How They Can Work For You In Your Office Space

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Wire shelving is strong and very durable. It will not bend, bow, or break, and some styles of wire shelving units are also set on casters for easy moving. If you are considering wire shelving as an option for cleaning up and organizing your office space, here are some styles and how each can work for you in your office.

The Corner Shelving Unit

If your office is tight on space, using a corner unit helps. It utilizes the least utilized space of all: the corner of any room. A lot can be stored on the four rounded shelves of this free-standing wall unit, and you can choose to use the casters or leave them off the unit for a very sturdy rack. If you do choose to put the casters on this style of wire rack, then you can reposition the shelving unit in any corner of any room in your office space. 

The Mounted Wall Unit

If you own and not rent your office space, consider adding shelving storage or display shelving with this style of wire shelving. The unit is mounted to the wall as high up on the wall as you want to go. Various lengths of the wall unit allow you to choose how much of the wall you want to utilize for shelving. Two feet all the way up to six feet options are available. 

The Four- to Six-Shelf Traditional Wall Unit

Four shelves is shorter, of course, but you can go all the way up to six shelves on these particular units. They are especially useful in office supply closets where you may need to organize boxes of copier paper and pens by the gross. They sit flat against a traditional wall, and the shortest length is about a yard, with the longest length at around four feet. Purchase the sizes and heights of wire shelving that will fit your supply closet (or another storage area in the office) perfectly. 

Where to Buy These Shelving Units

If you want to purchase wire shelving, you can buy them almost anywhere. They are conveniently sold in big box stores, in office supply stores, and even online with e-tailers. Compare costs to find the best deals on the shelving units you are most interested in purchasing. Some styles may only be purchased exclusively through certain businesses and business supply chains. You will need to assemble the shelving on your own. 

If you have questions about purchasing wire shelving units, try these guys or another supplier in your area.