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Tips For Moving Your Large Furniture

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Packing up your home is a lot of work, with many items needing to go into boxes. However, you may wonder about how you move some of your bigger items. Here are some tips that will help you do it. 

Dining Table

A dining table can be quite large, with a lot of space underneath it that is wasted. The key to moving a dining table is to take off the legs so that the table top is lighter and easier to handle. You can wrap the tabletop in a furniture pad and secure it with tape or plastic wrap, which will ensure that the surface doesn't get scratched. The table's legs can then be wrapped in furniture pads, bubble wrap, or other protective material. They can be put into an extra large box, or secured to the bottom of the dining table with plastic wrap. 


A couch can be a very large item that is difficult to get out of your home. If you have a recliner couch, know that the couch likely comes apart in sections. You'll need to flip the couch on its side so that you can remove the bottom rail that all sections are secured to.

For a non-reclining couch, you'll want to place furniture pads over the couch and secure it in place with plastic wrap. This will help prevent the fabric from becoming ripped if it hits a sharp corner. You can then place the couch on piano dollies, and rotate the couch so that it is more tall than wide. Then use another person to help roll it toward the door and lift it through the doorway. 


It's always a good idea to purchase a mattress bag for your mattress and box spring. These are large bags that help seal a mattress, which will protect it from getting dirty if it falls on the ground or goes into a dirty moving truck. It will help to keep the mattress vertical when lifting it, and then strap it to the side of a moving truck.

Refrigerator and Freezer

The best tool to have when moving a refrigerator or freezer is an appliance dolly. These dollies are different because they allow you to strap the large appliance to the dolly so that it doesn't slide off. Use another person to help you tilt the dolly backward since you will need to find the center of the appliance's weight so that it aligns directly over the wheels of the dolly. Use another person's assistance to help ensure that the dolly doesn't tip backward or forward while pushing it.

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