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Can Movers Help Dispose Of Unwanted Items?

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Sometimes you end up not needing a large item that doesn't fit in your car. Maybe you're clearing out a deceased relative's home, or maybe you're just getting rid of old furniture. Whatever is going on, if you can't fit the item in your car and don't think you can haul the item yourself in a rental truck, you might be able to use local movers, depending on the circumstances.

If There Was a Surprise That Ruined the Furniture During a Preplanned Move, Maybe

It is possible to have an already planned move and find during the move that something happened to make the items unusable. If this "something" was the movers' fault, then you have to pursue a claim, and it's not a good idea to get rid of the item in question until the claim is made.

However, other times, something else causes the problem. For example, maybe you wanted the movers to retrieve belongings you were keeping in a cheap storage unit, only to find that birds had gotten inside (this can actually happen in really cheap places with poor construction) and nested all over your stuff. Depending on the mover, you may be able to have them take the ruined items to the dump. This is not a guarantee; moving companies have to keep their trucks clean so that other customers' stuff doesn't get ruined, too. But there are a few companies that might be nice enough to help you out. Otherwise, you'll have to call a junk removal service.

If You Know It's Going to the Dump, Not Really

Now, if you've got something you want to get rid of and you're already sure it's headed to the dump, that's not a job for local movers. That's when you call either a junk removal service or an estate liquidation service. The liquidation service is a better choice if you think the items may have salvageable parts.

If You Know It's Going to Charity, Yes

Many charities pick up items, but some don't, and sometimes you can't wait for a charity during the large windows of time they give you as pickup times. In that case, a local moving company can certainly move those items over to the charity. Just be sure that you've double-checked that the charity will take the items, that you know exactly where to drop them off, and that you've confirmed the hours that the charity will be open. Also, double-check that the drop-off point is in an area where the moving truck will be able to fit easily.

Talk to some local moving companies about your situation and find out what they would charge. You may have to pay the regular moving fees, or the company could have deals for smaller loads that are going to charity. Contact a company like Colorado  Hi-Tec Moving & Storage for more information and assistance.