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3 Tips To Follow For A Move This Winter

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Because of the warmer weather and school breaks, it is easy to see why most people move during the summer season. However, moving during the winter can also be beneficial. Not only can you make your move more efficient during the winter, but many companies offer discounts for the winter, which can make your move more affordable.  To ensure your winter move is stress-free, efficient, and affordable, here are a few tips to follow.

Check Weather Reports

Before scheduling the actual day of your move, check the local weather reports in your current area and the area where you are moving. The possibility of rain, sleet, or snow can wreak havoc on your move. By being aware of the upcoming weather, you can better prepare for the day.

Board the Pets

If wintry weather does occur during your move, you will not want the stress and effort of having to walk your dogs or care for other pets outdoors. Boarding your pets before moving day will reduce this stress, making your move more efficient and affordable in the long run.

Also, moving heavy items while your pets are running through a home can become dangerous. If you or one of your movers trips over your pet, they may injure themselves or break one or more of your belongings.

A professional pet kennel or a friend or family member's home are safe options for your pet to stay, while you move. Make sure to pack food, snacks, a favorite toy, and a blanket, so your pet will be comfortable, while you are away.

Dress Properly

You may think what you are wearing does not matter during a move, but that is not actually true.

When moving in the winter, you will be using energy by moving items in and out of your home. This causes your body's internal temperature to fluctuate throughout the moving experience. Dressing for these changes in temperature will prevent you from being uncomfortable, while also reducing your risk of becoming ill.

Make sure to wear layers on moving day. If you will be moving in freezing temperatures, opt for a long sleeve shirt, jeans, AND a jacket that can be easily removed during the day. If it is a bit warmer for winter, or you live in a hotter climate, a t-shirt, pants, and light jacket should be sufficient.

If there is wintry precipitation on the ground, choose proper footwear. Shoes with rubber soles will grip the slick or icy surfaces on the ground.

Moving can be a stressful event. However, you can make moving day easier. With these tips, your move this winter will be fast and stress-free. For more information, talk to companies like SMITTY MOVERS.