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Three Major Assumptions That Are Bad For Your Moving Project

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If you are gearing up for a move, the assumptions you make determines how efficiently your relocation goes and how much money you spend on it. For example, these three assumptions may lead you astray:

Online Quotes Are Accurate and Sufficient

Online quotes will give you the roughest estimates for your items, which might not be good enough for you. This is especially true if you need a reliable estimate to help you with your moving budget. You can start the discussion online, but eventually, the moving company's representative has to pay you a visit.

An online estimate may not work best because the movers need to see the shape, size, number, and nature of your property before they can give an accurate estimate. For example, merely saying that you have two sofas may not be enough if they are custom made sofas with unusual shapes that will occupy big spaces in the moving van.

The Lowest Quote Is the Best

Online shopping and price comparisons may be convenient, but they carry the inherent danger of over focusing on the price at the extent of other valuable points. Some people send multiple online quotes and then automatically pick the lowest one without further consideration.

The danger with such a move is that you can easily miss other salient features of a good mover. These salient features include things like:

  • What happens when third parties (such as road maintenance crews) cause delays on the road
  • Who is liable for damages when you handle the packing as a DIY task
  • The surcharge you need to pay if you modify the service, for example, if you need them to take a detour to pick up another item

You Will Have To Choose Between Local and Long-Distance Movers

Most people know that there is more than one type of moving companies. Unfortunately, many also think that they are just two – local and long-distance movers.

This isn't the case at all; there are many other types of moving companies such as international movers, interstate movers, and commercial relocation services, among others. Using the right type of mover is important since they are the ones who understand your needs and have the experience for it. For example, local movers may not be aware of all the permits you need to move your goods across state lines – that is the forte of interstate movers.

In short, don't make any assumption as far as your move is concerned. Instead, get the facts from a professional moving company.